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“Fellow Texan or not, Peter’s just a joy to have around. Always has a good idea (or ten), really knows how to write, is well versed in design, and fundamentally understands the realities of the business (and therefore busts his ass all day long). And if you need a good wine reco, swing tip, or child-rearing anecdote, you can count on that, too.”

Grant Richards Creative Director/Partner, Engine Company 1

“I have worked as a professional photographer with Peter Bell for many years on many projects, and it has always been a total pleasure to implement his great ideas. He has an insatiable energy and, above all, he has a positive attitude during the entire process.”

Francois Robert

“Peter is a great guy to work with. Not only is he a talented senior writer, but his strong strategic thinking helps him solve problems and spot opportunities. Together, we created some exciting work across a range of mediums including broadcast, print, online and social media. Peter works well with clients and presents the work in a mature fashion. His passion is as infectious as his Texas accent. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.”

Vince Engel, Creative Director/Partner, Engine Company 1

“Get Real.” That’s the title of the first spot I worked on with Peter—a video piece about authenticity for modern furniture maker Herman Miller. How fitting. Peter’s the real deal—real smart, real down-to-earth, real talented. At the time, he was the creative director at Fairly Painless. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to collaborate with Peter on a brilliant concept that basically talked about the value of design. The process was a joy. Years later, “Get Real” is still a highlight on my reel. Since then I always welcome the chance to be in cahoots. So if you can “Get Peter.” He’ll have good ideas, plain and simple. And good instincts and taste—he knows how to make the fine wine of an idea breathe. Not to mention a a great sense of humor—for those of you who prefer to enjoy the company of your clients or colleagues. I highly recommend Peter. And when you do, make sure he still will call me with the next one.

Karin Fong, Director/Creative Director, Imaginary Forces

“Peter Bell was a huge find for me at Engine Company 1. He’s a deep thinker, a beautiful writer, and incredibly fast at finding unexpected, highly engaging solutions. Plus, as a soulful Texan, he’s as pleasant as he is smart. Peter is one those people who you work with and wonder, “Why hadn’t I heard of this guy before?” Then you kind of hope that nobody else ever does, so they can’t steal him away. (I had to think long and hard about endorsing him so publicly.)”

Scott Aal, Creative Director/Partner, Engine Company 1